We believe in supporting our children with the holistic requisite tools that will make them rise above poverty, become more independent and better decision-makers thereby enabling them be make significant contributions to not only their immediate families but also the community, nation and the world at largew by providing Education as the corner stone to bringing lasting empowerment and definite change.


We want to provide high-quality school education to slum children in Dandora who cannot otherwise access or afford it. We aim to create more talent centers and involve children in various after-school activities to help them relax and expand the school, making it conducive for learning.


Giving to charity is a powerful act of kindness that can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Whether it is aiding with learning materials and infrastructure, Uniforms, light meals, medical and sanitary wears, or even talks and encouragement. Every bit of donation helps build the change and the compassion we aspire to bequeath our next generation and the world at large.

About Us

We are a child support and education centre established in 2006 and later registered with the ministry of education in 2008 to provide basic education. Our centre and school is located in the slums of Dandora area 4 (four) an area inhabited by low income residents.

The centre and school looks to transform the community and its other neighbouring slums of Gomongo, Korogocho and lucky summer by equipping the next generation with the requisite holistic educational and life skills for tomorrow's global society.

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welcome to our foundation.

We Help Poor Children to Get Life Better.

Imperial junior school and Centre in its mission to achieve SDG goals

Just like a home should be. Aside from having a home and something to eat every day, education is the most important thing in our orphanage. We try to get the best education for every single child.

  • Quality education 1.
  • Zero Hunger.
  • Partnership for the goals.
  • No poverty have an urgent need to empower.
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Recent Causes

123 Kids Homeless Reached So Far!

Imperial Junior School and Centre With this the number of children are rising Right to play will enable us offer free admission, mpnd completion of elementary education .

Our Inspiration

With schools in Kenya having closed down for a longer period of time due to Covid-19, most children in Dandora slum became bread winners by scavenging in the dumpsites after their parents lost their sources of income. Imperial junior school and Centre is located within Dandora slums which harbors the biggest dumpsite in East Africa stretching over 30 acres, neighboring the slums of Korogocho, Baba-Dogo, and Mathare has become the refuge for the scavenging children who dropped out of school, young teenage mothers attending school and their children, children who have turned to be street boys by providing a holistic space for education, meals, psychosocial support and a space for championing young creative talents.

working on charity

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25 May, 2024

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Every Child Needs You And Me

Are you passionate about making a difference? Our charity organization is dedicated to uplifting lives through education, healthcare, and sustainable initiatives. Join us in creating positive impact and fostering hope for a brighter future! ??

23 May, 2024

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Every Child Needs You And Me

Join us in making a difference today. Contact us to learn more about how you can contribute and support our mission.

Every Child Needs You and Me

Join us in making a difference today. Contact us to learn more about how you can contribute and support our mission.